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BHS Environmental Solutions

Healthy Buildings…Healthy People…Healthy Business

Buildings today do a better job of protecting their occupants from serious illness and providing them with more comfort than buildings of the past. Modern thinking about buildings and health is much different than the public health issues of the past. Our concerns have passed through several phases in history. Recently the issue was mostly about occupant health from avoidable airborne contamination and enhancing productivity of the workforce in the modern office building.

What is emerging today, as the dominant issue in building-related health, is germ transmission among occupants. In a sense, we have come full circle and are back to concern over infectious diseases, but this time the principal concern is contaminated surfaces along with airborne transmission. It is not the building systems or building performance but the building dynamics created by the occupants’ presence and behavior. The major outcome is transmission of disease, absence from work, and lost or reduced productivity while at work, rather than a life-threatening disease. Absent the inclusion of a health-based perspective in planning, operations and maintenance – it is impossible to make a claim that efforts or results are “healthy”.


BHS Environmental Solutions uniquely approaches the indoor environment from the occupant perspective. This enables us to fulfill our commitment to ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your people while protecting your financial and physical assets. Our programs and protocols can ensure that conditions in the building are not a threat to the normal state of health of the occupant. Because of public health concerns, we believe a physician's perspective is critical to the understanding of exposures and potential cross-contamination. At BHS Environmental Solutions, we are physicians and indoor environmental and air quality professionals.

Surfaces in the built-environment are continuously re-contaminated by micro-organisms, so even freshly disinfected surfaces are "clean" for only a brief moment until the next person arrives. Traditional cleaning practices rarely allow sufficient dwell time for the disinfectant to work and achieve a complete kill. Studies have shown that some pathogens can exist on surfaces for days, weeks, and even months.


At BHS Environmental Solutions, through the use of our antimicrobial products and solutions, we can eliminate the microbial pollutants in the in the air and on building surfaces which is essential to the health of any building and its occupants.

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